Successful Public Consultation

TOCT Public Consultation Photo June 2015The Public Consultation which was held on Saturday 27th June in the north aisle of St John’s Church was a resounding success.

There was an opportunity to see displays about the project and to see examples of the work of Paul Richold, Director of Architecton of Bristol, our appointed architect.

41 residents of Tolpuddle and Southover attended and expressed their views on the project plans and suggested uses of the renovated former chapel and proposed extension.

The Trustees were heartened by comments such as:

‘Delighted’, ‘Great’, ‘A very good idea’, Brilliant project’, ‘Very thoughtful’.

The majority strongly agreed or agreed with the idea to renovate the building, keeping the internal look and feel of the former chapel simple and in keeping with its heritage. They clearly agreed and understood the need for necessary facilities for its future use to be provided in an extension/additional building subservient in scale to the existing building.

There was also agreement of the building being available as ‘a quiet place’, free of charge during the day, while being available for use for various small group activities in the evenings.

Suggested uses were; a space for small meetings, arts exhibitions, reading groups, small music evenings with provision of refreshments.

35 people signed up to be a ‘Friend’ of TOCT. All ‘Friends’ will receive periodic updates by email about the progress of the project. Everyone who signed up received a TOCT fridge magnet free of charge.

Visitors to the village can now view our new interpretive notice board on site. This gives details of the project as well as links to our web site and to the audiovisual village trail.

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