Overwhelming support for Renovation Project

TOCT A2 Artist Impression Prints_Page_1

On Friday 4th and Saturday 5th March, TOCT held a public exhibition on the proposals to renovate and extend the Grade II*former Methodist chapel in Tolpuddle.

The exhibition consisted of 14 display panels showing:

  • The results of last year’s public consultations.
  • The architect’s plans of the exterior and interior of the proposed renovation and extension.
  • Artist’s impressions showing the renovated former chapel and its interior.
  • An artist’s impression of the interior of the proposed extension.

71 people attended, the majority being village residents.


Each visitor was asked to respond to the statement:

I support the TOCT proposals to:

  • Renovate the former chapel
  • Preserve this important heritage building
  • Provide an extension for vital services
  • Provide a venue for activities and events
  • Develop new interpretation and a range of heritage related learning projects.

65 people gave a response.

60 strongly agreed with the proposals.

4 agreed with the proposals

1 was unsure.